>5 weeks…

>i have successfully moved 2 carloads of stuff to Aunt Jan’s basement in New Jersey, and picked up several pieces of furniture as well. I booked the movers yesterday, and they come on the 25th to pick it up and move it to my SIXTH STORY apartment in Manhattan… can’t imagine making that move by myself!! No elevator… I will be so tired of that climb after like the first week, much less the first year.

Things here in NC are slowly wrapping up… I don’t have much stuff left here, and what I do have I completely fail to keep clean & organized. No wonder my mom doesn’t believe me when I say i’ll keep my apartment clean in grad school! haha
Brandon continues to keep me entertained or annoyed, or a mixture of the two. He is 6 1/2 and typical. =) He likes to harass our new puppy, and then doesn’t understand why the puppy prefers to play with mom, dad or me over him. We installed a wireless fence for her last week, and he likes to try to trick her into getting stung: case in point. But i love him… crazy to think that this is the last time I’ll live with him. In his 6 1/2 years, the only birthday I have made it to was the day he was born.
time is ticking…
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