>whimsical, changeable,…. thats how i think my heart acts so often. in regards to life, people, love, and i can only assume my faith as well. praise Jesus that he is constant and sees thru it all and loves me in spite of my capriciousness. just a random thought.

brandon and i are home, and sooo bored. mom and dad are away again, for work-related stuff and i am trying to relish these last times with Boo before it will be ages between visits and he will change, grow, learn and become without me being here to witness it. he is currently going through old baby clothes of his that he discovered in a box in his room, and is fascinated by it all. and it makes me think of how quickly life passes by…he is only 6 and looking back on his baby years…and here i am 24 and moving into the next phase and can still remember being 6, going to kindergarten in Nairobi, and playing with our first puppy, Blooper.
i was given a box spring and bed rails yesterday, and as the furniture collection grows, the reality is really setting in that I am leaving… and it scares me. to be stretched, grown, and changed. agh!

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