a day in the life….

I am terrible at posting on this thing… here is a (futile?) attempt to keep it updated.


School is out for the summer! I finished my position as a long-term substitute teacher in high school math at Metrolina Christian Academy in Indian Trail, NC. It got quite crazy at the end, but I was still sad to see my students leave. I like them! haha


And as soon as school ended, I had the JOY of being a bridesmaid in my friend Lydia’s wedding… what a fun, FUN weekend, and awesome to see her marry a man who loves her and loves the Lord. I also got to see Shelah, who I haven’t seen since her wedding. My sister was able to come down to the wedding to practice taking some wedding photography, which was neat, and hopefully gives her a bit more experience shooting people. Lydia’s family is HUGE, (Gabes is bigger…insanely bigger) so they have lots and lots of people who love them and were there for their big day. It was a wonderful, busy, semi-chaotic house where we were all staying.


Lydia and Gabe


Me & Shelah @ the rehearsal dinner
Bridesmaids Wedding Day Spa!!

getting ready….


Something old….


Then I jetted off to Chicago and Colorado for (short!) sweet visits with a few friends during my last months of freedom. While waiting in the Raleigh/Durham airport, I saw the homecoming of a US soldier… so difficult and moving to watch…. it drew tears and I realize how often I take my freedom for granted.

Once I got to Chicago I was able to see Jenny and Christina, and meet Christinas adorable baby girl, Abigail. Seriously well fed baby, and so SO cute… an awesome dinner at Jenny & Christians and a copy of his new book, The Jesus Boat, topped off the evening. I also got to see Annette, my old housemate and hear about her adventures starting grad school, and it was neat to share time with someone who likes school as much as I do! hahaha


I then headed over to campus and got to sit in on a book preview by a Wheaton faculty member on Genesis Chapter 1, and how it ties to origins. I didn’t buy a copy of the book, but probably should have. I also had a ‘tour’ of the Burdens lab and heard a little more about where their project is headed now, how developments with Protective Angiten from Anthrax are going (a project i helped get started during my last months working for their lab in Wheaton), had dinner with them and Derek and saw their (growing!) kids… so good to connect, even if it was too short. 

I stayed with my dear friend Kate!! And her awesome family, for the three days I was there. She starts pharmacy school in the fall, so we will both be moving, adjusting and starting over, so it was nice to have some time with her before we both move on. I think that will be my last visit to Chicagoland for a long time….


THEN i flew to Colorado to see Stewie and what a blast… eating delicious home-made food, going out to her favorite places for ice cream, a free movie, frozen custard, tons of coffee shops around Denver, playing Settlers!!!, going to old book shops, driving through crazy hailstorms, hiking the Rocky foothills in Boulder, falling in love with couscous, buying bridesmaid dresses for Erin’s wedding, watching Arrested Development, drinking sugarless coffee (crazy! i know!), and just loving being with her, amazed that its been over a year and feels like no time had passed… a sign of a good, good friend.


“colorado!!! woot woot…”


hiking in boulder


me & stewie!!!
the mountains!
a nap after a long hike….


saw “UP” and posed in my 3-d glasses….


Love it!!!

fine food & fine wine…


breakfast on the front stoop…

settlers at “The Market”…. i lost.

This time last year I was madly raising support to go to Kenya, and was watching the Lord’s faithfulness manifest right before my eyes… and He’ll do it again, I’m sure.
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