>its official…

>i’ve posted it most places, already, but needed to get my blog action on too! 🙂 i’ve officially accepted Columbia University’s offer for a Faculty Fellowship in the Biological Sciences department… putting my anticipated graduation date around 2015 sometime. haha! six years in the v.e.r.y B.I.G city…. starting in September.

In the meantim I’ve ordered a trove of books to prepare me for the non-science side of life in secular academia. One by Tim Keller, who is a pastor of a great church on Manhattan, and is a brilliant thinker. I also have books by John Polkinghorne, an Anglican priest and PhD physicist, who talks about the interactions of faith and science. Anyway, I am hoping that it will be useful, and that my non-social-sciences wired brain will be able to digest in a way that is cohesive and reproducible in conversation. 
And I continue to pray for faith and for the courage to face doubt full-on, wrestle it, and emerge with a truer and more sincere faith.
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