>i am bad at praying. Luther says we pray because we are unworthy, not because we are worthy. I am so thankful for all his emphases on total depravity, b/c in the Christian world its so easy to hear the other message….

So his logic qualifies me as a prayer… maybe i just need more practice? i hate all the “a-c-t-s” impositions and disciplines books because they only serve to make me feel inadequate in my prayer life. but if i only make “adequate” efforts i often give up very quickly because other people’s methods aren’t sustainable with me. better to pray “poorly” than not pray at all.
and Luther says that if you lack faith, ask God for it. Ultimately it all comes from Him anyway, so where else could you get more? a book i started reading (never finished….story of my life) was “Searching for the Invisible God” and a chapter near the beginning addresses issues of doubt, and how as a Christian it is OK to have doubts. Only when there is room for doubt is there room for faith! Amen! I love this! So many times I feel like I have inadequate faith because there are hard questions I don’t see clear answers to, and think I should have answers to those questions to justify my faith. This is particularly true in the Science World. I have a hard time meeting people that have an absolute answer for every issue, overlooking complexities and making blanket statements about people and sin and this world, and I often think life is too complicated for us to understand things that simply. Without room for doubt, there isn’t room for faith. I think “I don’t know, but I still believe” is a perfectly adequate answer at times. It can also be a crutch, and its a fine line between the two, one that I still haven’t learned to walk.
I think of Paul’s exhortation to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that I have, and especially among postmodern naturalists in a science setting, this seems like such an overwhelming duty! PTL for grace and for the Spirit… cuz I ain’t cutting it on my own. I can just hope that my attempts to convey my faith will germinate by His POWER, and thank God that He claims all the credit because if any of it depended on me, it’d be a sad state of affairs….
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  1. Brynna says:

    >I hear a lot of what you say. I am currently reading “Introduction to Christianity” by Pope Benedict XVI and at the beginning, he talks about how even atheists have doubts about their beliefs. Maybe being honest about our doubts can be a powerful tool in the hand of God.Oh, and I have already had somebody look at me crooked and say “you can do that?” about being a scientist and going to church. Sometimes I really miss Wheaton!

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