>lots to update!

I was accepted to Columbia’s program last week (HUGE RELIEF!!) and the same week got an email telling me I am waitlisted at UCSD, which I think has a better program for what I am interested in…. I should find out next week if I make it off the waitlist to an interview, and then can make a decision. Gotta inform Columbia of my decision by the 31st of March, so about 2 weeks until my future is decided. CRAZY!
The interview weekend at Columbia was interesting. Very, very different being in the Big City than in podunk Waxhaw! 🙂 And it would be a very very big adjustment to move there, to become one in 8 million people all scrambling to make it in the busiest city in the world. 
Anyway, lots to think about, and pray about!
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  1. Brynna says:

    >YEA!!!!!!Good to hear.

  2. >Ahhh!!! That would be so fun if you went to UCSD!! I’d get to see your face more often. :)Praying for you as I know this is a big decision…Love you.

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