>in England they often take "gap years"

>Thats what I like to think about this ‘in-between’ time I have the privilege of enjoying… (j/k, not a privilege! 🙂 

Its been 2 months since I flew home from England, and its been really hard having little to do. I am a substitute teacher at several private schools in the greater Charlotte area, since all the public schools have a hiring freeze in these lovely economic times… I have been able to teach some, but not as much as I would like.
In the back of my mind I know I could get a ‘real’ job, but am hesitant to start something if I will be leaving it in a few months for graduate school. Hence, the “gap”, and I am trying to fill my time with other things… 
I have been anxiously awaiting results from graduate schools, and have my first interview this upcoming weekend in New York at Columbia. WAY EXCITED!!! I’ve also started running (something I actually hate, but its good for me!), and have been tutoring a student in Organic Chemistry, who is headed to P.A. school this fall–it’s been so fun! Its been so long since I was in that subject material, and it brings back the time when chemistry finally became spacial and ‘clicked’ for me. Fun! (many of you, I am sure, will not agree with me here. haha)
And my heart is a bit ‘other-sick’. It can’t be homesick since I am “home” now, but I do miss Kijabe and the many relationships I formed there. I’m missing people across the globe, from Kenya to Israel to China…. perhaps the inevitable lot of a TCK…. Thank God for cheap international calling cards! =D
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