>Holy Spirit, Come!

>This has been an amazing week at RVA! We had our Spiritual Emphasis Week here, and what a blessing and a privilege to be a witness to the power of the Holy Spirit moving on campus this week. About 50 kids committed their lives to the Lord on Friday night. The center of the messages this week was the importance of believing in Jesus Christ as a personal Savior! For many MK’s its easy to assume the faith & lifestyle of your parents without it settling deep in your heart and making it your own. It was during a Spiritual Emphasis Week here at RVA when I was in seventh grade that my faith became real. I still clearly remember the night I realized that I could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that He was my Savior and my Lord, not just a God I had been told about and knew existed. Many kids here realized that this week, and I’m so excited about where it will lead from here! Thanks for your prayers for these kids, and please continue to lift them up as they hash out how their daily lives will change with the commitments they’ve made.

Its late and I need to head to bed. There has been a lot that has happened this week, and I’ll try to get another update out shortly. But for how, Praise the Lord for his Holy Spirit’s presence at RVA this week!

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