>Hi From Kijabe!

>Hey everyone!

Jambo from Kijabe!

Its been a crazy few days since I arrived. We finished 'inservice'
meetings that start out each year, as the administration scrapes
together as many able bodies as possible to fill the many, many staff
vacancies at the school this term (one of which I am filling in
Chemistry!). In addition to my responsibilities teaching chemistry
this term, I've been asked to fill in as a temporary dorm mom until
the family coming from the USA arrives around the end of September.
So, just after I finished unpacking my things, I'll re-pack them and
move across campus for a few weeks! I'll have 15 junior girls that
I'll be responsible for 6 nights a week, and I get all the glorious
added jobs of checking rooms and chores, enforcing curfew and loving
on them as much as I can with the schedule I have. I was pleasantly
surprised by a having a roommate for the term, so she will be moving
down to Suswa dorm with me. She likes baking and making treats, which
I am oh-so-lame at, so it will be a good combination of abilities! =)

We made a trip into Nairobi today and stocked up on some stuff for
dorm treats and I pathetically tried to figure out what kind of food I
need (still haven't figured it out) to get grocery shopping done while
I had the chance. There is a 'supa-duka' (duka is swahili for little
shop) that is local and has baking basics, but not much else (no meat
or dairy) so grocery shopping is a bit of a chore. Town is a solid 45
minutes away and without a car or a license, it takes a bit of
strategy as far as groceries go.

The most exciting news of this update is…..

while we were in town today, a BABBOON came in through our laundry
room window (where the cat gets out to do business) and ate my mangoes
and ALL of my roommates bananas, & left a big mess all over the
kitchen. What an exciting scene to come home to!!! Oh Africa….

Blessings to all. Thanks for your continued prayer through my time. I
am so excited and so blessed to be here. The day I arrived in Nairobi,
I got an email from a former colleague at CEM corporation where I was
working from January-August as a chemist, and they've just announced
that they are shutting down the entire division I was working for
before I left.

It is a special blessing when the Lord rains down confirmation of His will.

Love to All


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One Response to >Hi From Kijabe!

  1. Sarah says:

    >are you in suswa now? I am just trying to imagine a baboon in there!

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