>Done Moving, Mostly Mayhem Left

>In exactly 7 days (to the hour almost!) I will be boarding an international flight from Chicago to London to Nairobi!! My last day of work for C.E.M was on Friday, and its been a busy two days of shopping, with a few more to go. My sister, Allie, and I are in a perpetual battle over my mom’s company in our efforts to get ready to leave. Allie starts at Appalachian State University in Boone this weekend, and I leave for Kenya on the following Tuesday. I tell my mom that if I forget something, I am screwed for three months. If Allie forgets something, she can call home and have it sent up next weekend or something, so c-l-e-a-r-l-y my needs exceed my sister’s….. =0)

My room is utter chaos. Previously, I described it as “My W.H.O immunization yellow card for my passport is in a pile of papers by my bedroom door”. Now, however, I have NO CLUE where that yellow immunization record is, and the pile has disappeared (to give you a metaphor for how organized I feel). I’m hoping that after Allie leaves for school we can focus all our attention on getting me organized during the 2 days remaining. We’ll see if it pans out!!! haha.
I ordered the textbook I’ll be using for the high school chemistry classes. I think I have a copy of the book the A.P. class uses somewhere in a box in the garage, so need to scrounge that up along with any other chemistry resources (like my college notes…ha!) that might be useful while I’m teaching. Lesson planning is currently allocated to my 2 eight-hour flights to get to Nairobi, although I anticipate being highly distracted by the movies British Airways shows on their long international flights, so it might be rescheduled for the late nights when I am WIDE awake due to jet lag during my first days in Kenya.
I am starting to feel (or maybe already am) a bit nervous, probably mostly because of the drastic changes in environment, pace of life, people I’ll be in contact with, and my daily responsibilities, but I am also SO excited to start teaching! Learning names will be the biggest, and first challenge (both colleagues and students) and I am notoriously bad. I think I might take a picture of each class with assigned seating and quiz myself on the photo every night or something (a tactic a prof used once at Wheaton and I thought it was brilliant). 
Anyway, these are just a few rambling thoughts. I can’t promise when or if I’ll update before I get to Kijabe. Please keep me in your prayers during my preparations, packing and for the international travel with the world the way it is. Also, pray that ALL of my bags arrive ON-TIME with me in Nairobi. It would be kinda frustrating to have to wear the same 2 outfits for the first week of classes (great first impression, eh? =0)
Thanks for your thoughts & prayers!
All for His glory ~~ Ashley
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4 Responses to >Done Moving, Mostly Mayhem Left

  1. Emily says:

    >Ash–I was in the heathrow airport listening to them announce the narobi flight and i thought of you. i did BA too. it is a good airlines, so no worries. 🙂 and the movies are good :)hope the rest of packing is good. love you lots.

  2. brynna says:

    >I feel for you. My life is still full of boxes and chemistry books hidden under piles of things, and I only moved three states away.My shower curtain is a map of the world, and I think of you every time I see Kenya there.

  3. Heather says:

    >I totally understand the difficulty in learning names! I took pictures of all my students holding a name card and went over it before I went to class. I also made index cards with each students name on it for each class and so for the first few weeks I would use the cards as random selection to call on students to answer questions. This really helped me learn names and helped me call on more than just the really outgoing students.

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