>Moving & Mayhem

>I leave for Kenya in 15 days!

I have lots of unpacking (we moved to Waxhaw on Saturday), organizing, re-packing within luggage allowances, storing, & shopping/errands to do before I leave, all amidst the chaos that is our house! (and all our junk hasn’t arrived yet either). I am lucky if I know where to find my toothbrush, much less all my paperwork. I’ve been carrying my passport with me in my purse because its the only place I know I won’t lose it. (not very safe….i know).

For starts, I have a textbook to buy & read, lesson plans to finalize, registration for the GRE to figure out & making sure I have the right study materials for it headed to Kenya with me, payments for student loans & car insurance to automate, health insurance details to iron out, bank accounts to set up for access from Africa, a full-time job to wrap up (Friday is my last day, PTL!), and I am starting to feel a bit of anxiety (excitement?) as the days F-L-Y by.

I’d love your prayers for me as I navigate the mayhem!! =)

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One Response to >Moving & Mayhem

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Wow Ashley, what an incredible piece of news! I will remember you, and pray, during the preparation stages you still have and once there! May it be full of JOY! Lots and lots of love.Abby Jamet.

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