>Ben Entwistle

>On Monday, Ben Entwistle, an MK from Mozambique, sophomore at Covenant and RVA grad went to be with the Lord after a stroke resulting from complications with an infection in his heart, and despite all Kenya’s doctors’ best efforts and an attempt to medivac him to South Africa, he was called Home. My heart is so burdened for his family. I didn’t know Ben personally, but his grandparents and aunts, uncles, and cousins were part of my RVA family while I was a student at RVA. His parents were students at RVA with my parents in RVA’s class of 1977, and his Dad is a Wheaton grad. At times like these I realize how tight-knit the missionary community is, and what it means to share each others burdens. My heart just breaks and tears aren’t far from my eyes as I continue to pray for his parents, and I can’t understand things like this.

One of my parents’ RVA classmates commented that this is such a high price to pay for living in Africa, because if Ben had been in the US he could have recieved the surgery that he needed to fix his heart, which Kenya couldn’t offer. I’m not sure what to think about that statement. I just have to cling to the promise that the Lord’s ways are above ours, and His timing is perfect.

Ben’s funeral will be in Lexington, NC on Saturday and I’m planning on attending with my parents. Please be in prayer for the Entwistles (Dan & Linda are Ben’s parents) as they make the many preparations for bringing Ben’s body to the USA and figuring out medical bills from his treatment in Kenya.

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