>Half way!


Over the fourth of July I was able to travel to Lancaster, PA for my five-year high school reunion. Lots of people think its odd that we even have a 5 year, but I try to explain that for MK’s, there is nowhere to go ‘back’ to for a chance to be with friends from back then. My roommates from college could go home to St. Louis or Wisconsin and see childhood friends; the nature of being an MK doesn’t afford that opportunity, so this reunion was a special time to see old friends.

The weekend was a fun time to hang out, see amazing fireworks, enjoy bonfires and s’mores and lightening bugs, watch “The Ghost and the Darkness” about the Kenyan railroad for old times’ sake, and catch up a little. We had a soldier in the US Army, a member of the National Guard, an MK from Brazil to Mozambique, a Gettysburg reinactment actress, three engineers, a chemist (me), graduates from Wheaton, Messiah, Harvard, Eastern Nazarene, Tufts, and others I’m forgetting, our high school drama instructor and the uniting experience of this crazy mix was our graduation from RVA in 2003. RVA grads end up everywhere across the spectrum! =0) Its awesome to see how the Lord has shaped each person’s experience to bring them to this point.

A classmate of mine from RVA is already in Kenya and will be teaching in the elementary school (“titchie swot” as its called out there–an old british term). When I first started out in this fund-raising process and was feeling overwhelmed by the large dollar sign and the deadline, he said to me “God is faithful”. It couldn’t be more aptly put.

I have hit the 50% marker and can’t believe I sent out the first email on June 20th, just a little over 2 weeks ago. God IS faithful! And I’m seeing it day by day as a refreshing and encouraging reminder.

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